Storm Valves

Type: Right Angled Back Balanced Storm Valve, Straight Through, and in the Horizontal and Vertical Geared positions

Body Bronze, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel

Flanged: PN10/16, JIS 5K


We can provide valves approved to Lloyds, DNV, BV, ABS

What is a storm valve?

A storm valve, also known as a stormwater valve or storm sewer valve, is a specialized type of valve used in stormwater management systems. It is designed to control the flow of stormwater or rainwater within drainage networks, particularly during heavy rainfall events or in flood-prone areas.

The primary purpose of a storm valve is to prevent the backflow of water from downstream to upstream during periods of high water levels or flood conditions. It helps maintain the intended direction of water flow and prevents excessive water from entering areas where it can cause damage or overwhelm the drainage system.

Why use storm valves?

Storm valves are typically installed in stormwater pipes or channels at critical points within the drainage network, such as near water bodies, low-lying areas, or areas susceptible to flooding. They are usually constructed with a flap or gate mechanism that allows water to flow in one direction while blocking or restricting the flow in the opposite direction.

During normal weather conditions or when the water levels are below the valve, the storm valve remains open, allowing stormwater to freely flow through the system and into designated outlets or retention areas. However, when water levels rise due to heavy rainfall or flooding, the storm valve automatically closes, preventing the water from backing up into the upstream areas.

By controlling the flow of stormwater and preventing backflow, storm valves help mitigate the risk of flooding, protect infrastructure and properties, and ensure the efficient operation of stormwater management systems. They are an important component of urban drainage systems and are commonly used in municipal, residential, and industrial settings.


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