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Young and Cunningham’s History Supplying the MOD

Young & Cunningham Ltd have been manufacturing and supplying the MOD since the late 1960’s, initially designing and manufacturing Valves in liaison with MOD for warship construction in the shipyards on the Tyne. Soon after Young & Cunningham Ltd, along with sister company Dobbie McInnes, were supplying to shipyards throughout the UK for MOD vessels including Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Frigates, and Fast Patrol Vessels. Young & Cunningham Ltd along with carefully chosen partners were trusted with the supply of Valve packages of the highest quality to MOD. In recent years under the name of DMI Young & Cunningham Ltd we continue to support MOD vessels including those now in the service of navies around the world. DMI Young & Cunningham Ltd are proud to have supplied Valves to the new Carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.


In recent years when MOD vessels were built to more commercial standards, Young & Cunningham Ltd continued to offer their highest quality Valves as an alternative to cheaper commercial Valves. The aim being to offer the best value through life cost for the Valve as opposed to the ‘throw away and buy new’ mentality. It is a testament to the quality of Young & Cunningham Valves that we are still supplying spare seals for Valves that were originally supplied in the 1970’s. The quality of Young & Cunningham Valves is well known throughout the industry and the majority of Valves are designed with additional material to allow for re-machining of the internals after years of wear and tear in service.

We hold records for all MOD vessels dating back to the 1960’s and are capable of offering OEM or carefully selected quality equipment having same fit, form and function and if required can suggest suitable alternatives.

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