Fire Hydrant Valves

Fire Hydrant Valves

Fire Hydrant Valves Variations
Types: Right-Angle, Oblique, Straight Through, Bib-Nose and Pressure Regulating
Material: LG2 Gunmetal
Sizes: 1½ inch – 3 inch
Flanged: Table D/E, PN16, Ansi 150 and JIS 10K
End Connections: Instantaneous, Storz etc


What is a Fire Hydrant Valve?

A fire hydrant valve is a device specifically designed for firefighting purposes. It is a crucial component of a fire protection system and is commonly found in public areas, and buildings to provide an accessible water supply for firefighting operations.The primary function of a fire hydrant valve is to connect firefighting hoses and equipment to a pressurized water source. It allows firefighters to access large volumes of water quickly to extinguish fires or control their spread. Fire hydrant valves are typically located on underground water mains and are equipped with a visible above-ground outlet.The design of a fire hydrant valve typically consists of a vertical pipe or standpipe, an underground valve assembly, and a visible above-ground outlet with various connection options. The underground valve assembly is generally made of durable materials like brass or ductile iron and contains a valve mechanism that can be operated to control the flow of water.

Fire hydrant valves are designed to withstand high water pressure and have a large flow capacity to deliver significant volumes of water. They are often equipped with a gate valve mechanism. When fully open, the valve allows water to flow freely through the standpipe and out of the visible above-ground outlet.

Fire hydrant valves are color-coded to indicate their water flow capacity and pressure rating. This allows firefighters to quickly identify their capabilities during emergencies. The outlet connection of a fire hydrant valve is designed to accommodate standard fire hoses. This may include threads or other fittings for easy hose attachment.

It’s important to note that the use of fire hydrant valves is strictly regulated and restricted to trained firefighters or authorized personnel. Unauthorized or improper use of fire hydrants can disrupt water supply systems and hinder firefighting efforts.

In summary, a fire hydrant valve is a specialized valve used in firefighting applications to provide a controlled water supply.

Fire Hydrant Valves are available in both Right Angle, Oblique and Straight Through styles. Associated fittings are available upon request for both marine and industrial applications.


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