Globe Valves

  • Bronze Globe Valve (Female Thread)
    Bronze Globe Valve (Female Thread)

Globe Valve Variations
Type: Screw Lift, SDNR Operation, Straight, Right Angle
Operation: Gear & Hand Wheel

Body: Bronze, Brass, Carbon Steel, Cast iron, Ductile iron, Cast Steel, Forged steel, Stainless Steel
Internals: Bronze, Brass, Carbon Steel, Cast iron, Ductile iron, Cast Steel, Forged steel, Stainless Steel


Flanged: PN6/10/16/25, Class 150, Class 300, JIS 5/10K, Table D/E
Threaded: BSPP, BSPT, NPT (Male/Female)

Approvals – Lloyds, DNV, BV, ABS

What is a globe valve?

A globe valve is a type of valve commonly used in piping systems to regulate the flow of fluids. It is named after its spherical-shaped body, which distinguishes it from other valve types. Globe valves are primarily designed for throttling or controlling the flow, rather than simply turning it on or off.

The main components of a globe valve include a movable disk or plug, a stationary ring seat, and a stem that connects the plug to the actuator (such as a handwheel or an electric actuator). The plug is positioned perpendicular to the flow path when the valve is fully closed, and it can be raised or lowered to control the flow by rotating the stem.

Why choose globe valves?

Globe valves offer good flow control capabilities due to their linear motion design. By adjusting the position of the plug, the valve can increase or decrease the flow rate. They provide precise control over the flow and are often used in applications that require accurate regulation, such as in water treatment plants, oil refineries, power plants, and industrial processes.

One advantage of globe valves is that they can handle high-pressure and high-temperature applications, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. However, they typically have higher pressure drops compared to other valve types, which means they may cause some resistance to the flow, resulting in energy losses.

Globe valves are available in various sizes, materials, and designs to meet different application requirements. They can be categorized into different types based on factors like the structure of the body, the number of ports, and the flow direction. Some common types include angle globe valves, Y-pattern globe valves, and straight-through globe valves.

Overall, globe valves are versatile and reliable components used in piping systems to regulate fluid flow precisely and efficiently.



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